17th, Jan 2022

Top 5 Сities in British Columbia

For immigrants from across the globe, Canada remains a very attractive destination. The maximum number of immigrants who want to move to Canada has the city of Toronto or Vancouver as their primary choice. But there are other major cities as well that deserve your attention. Although, we will start our list with Vancouver.


Vancouver is the most populous city in British Columbia. It is a coastal seaport city and is one of the country’s most ethnically and linguistically diverse.


Surrey is the second largest city in British Columbia. The city is situated western Canada of the Fraser River and is part of the Metro Vancouver metropolitan area. Surrey is a youthful city, with one-third of our population under the age of 19.


Burnaby is the third largest city in British Columbia. Many technology firms and heavy industry companies are located here. Burnaby is home to many technology firms including Telus and Electronic Arts. Additionally, heavy industry companies like Petro-Canada and Chevron Corporation also operate in the city.


Richmond is the fourth largest city in British Columbia. There are many job opportunities available in the city, many of which are in sectors such as services, retail, light manufacturing, government, and aviation.


Abbotsford is the fifth largest city in British Columbia. The city has a very diversified economy that is focused on industries such as agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and transportation.

No matter which city you choose to relocate to, you will be sure to be greeted with gorgeous scenery, access to the ocean and the mountains, richly diverse culture and history, and welcoming citizens. 

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