17th, Jan 2022

How to find a job in Canada from Outside?

There are many immigration programs in Canada that require a job offer from a Canadian employer. Majority of prospective immigrants find it difficult or even impossible to get a Canadian job offer from outside. Having a valid job offer from a Canadian employer will ease your immigration process to Canada as it gives you all the extra points to get ahead in the Express Entry stream.

Here are a few recommendations that will multiply your chances of getting a job in Canada:


It is important to write a Canadian-style resume in English, that has some standards that you should know about. Make sure you do the proper research first and adapt your resume in the Canadian format. It is important for the employer to see that you are a great fit for the job.

Keywords in the resume

A successful resume is one that is well-organized, unique and must clearly show your skills and qualifications to get a recruiter interested in reaching you. It is important to include certain resume keywords and phrases to catch a recruiter’s attention. Large companies have a keyword tracking system that sorts out candidates for a position in their company based on their certain skills, knowledge or relevant experience.

Motivation letter

In Canada, it is always better to write a motivation letter when applying for a job, especially, if you are just planning your relocation.  This letter is a great opportunity to briefly tell them about yourself, outline your work experience, show your interests about the role and company. Your answer should demonstrate why you would be competent in the job and what value you will bring to the company if it hires you!

Work in small towns 

Everyone wants to immigrate to the big cities right away, but there is always a competition there, and candidates from abroad are not even considered.  It is better to focus on finding a job in a small town or northern Canada.

Remote work

Many Canadian companies hire remote workers from outside in order to save on wages. In this case, you will not be able to immigrate right away, but there will be an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as a competent specialist. If your employer will see your potential, they might offer you to relocate to Canadian office.

Are you interested in working for a Canadian employer, but have no idea where to start and do not have a good resume? Contact us and our team will help you to write a job-winning resume!

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