23rd, Jul 2021

4 Common Immigration Mistakes You Might Be Making

Immigration process is not as easy as it seams and some people make different mistakes along the way.

What are some common mistakes made by potential immigrants? Let’s find out!

The Wrong Choice of Your Primary Occupation

At minimum, you need to show at least one year of skilled work experience within the past 10 years, it can be only jobs that fall under skill types NOC 0, A, and B. When assessing your application, IRCC will match your job duties with the NOC description to determine your occupation and whether or not it is skilled.

Document Submissions Deadlines

Canada’s Immigration programs can change so quickly that is why you need to submit everything on time. if you delay, your information can be outdated. Always make sure the your visa is valid.

Inaccurate Reference Letter about Employment

The reference letter should consist of the following information: the name of the company and official job title, the dates of your employment, your salary per week, your average hours per week, a detailed list of your employment duties. If your letters of reference don’t have these things, it might be a red flag to the visa officer that the employer issuing the letter is not genuine.

Deliberately False or Misleading Representations

It is important to be as honest as possible and do not hide any information, even if you have had problems with the law. Consider to consult the specialist on how to present this information more accurate.

If you need a detailed immigration strategy, contact us and we will help you to complete all the forms and guide you through the entire immigration process.

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